Mobile Star City Is China's Plan to Take Over the World

We love MAD architects-creators of crazy buildings and giant killer wasps skyscrapers » 9/18/08 10:00am 9/18/08 10:00am-because they are truly mad, like their latest concept. Presented as a gigantic model at the 11th Venice Biennale, the Super Star City is a "mobile China Town" that can be deployed all over the planet to "inject the energy of China to…

Fun with Pain Rays, Sound Cannons and Other Non-Lethal Weaponry

This week's New Yorker (yep, you heard me right) has a cool piece on the development of non-lethal weapons for military and police. You can tell the writer, Alec Wilkinson, had a good time reporting it. The story focuses on Charles Heal, a badass part-time Marine and part-time LA Sheriff's Department officer known in… » 5/28/08 11:00am 5/28/08 11:00am

Sneaky UK Traffic Cameras Suffer the Wrath of MAD

People just don't like being spied upon. If you live in the UK, you're certainly familiar with those autonomous traffic cameras lurking around every corner that catch you speeding or running traffic signals, and then tattle to the police, resulting in a traffic ticket in your mailbox. A group called MAD (Motorists… » 12/27/07 5:20pm 12/27/07 5:20pm

The Ultimate Gadget Lover Takes Pics of Same Vending Machine Daily for Two Years

If you ever wake up in the morning and think: "Every day is just the same old same old," then maybe you need to look at Ryuuichi Terada's blog. Entitled "I Take a Picture of the Same Vending Machine Every Day (or so). I'm Very Sorry," the Sapporo-based man has spent the past two years doing exactly that, highlighting… » 9/24/07 8:35am 9/24/07 8:35am