Circuit City Apologizes for Pulling Mad Magazine, Promises to Get a Sense of Humor

It looks like the corporate goon who ordered all copies of Mad Magazine with a Circuit City parody inside destroyed was acting on her own. An "embarrassed corporate PR guy" has apologized to Mad Magazine and tried to make things right. Nice work, Circuit City. The letter of explanation/apology in full, after the jump. »8/04/08 4:19pm8/04/08 4:19pm

Circuit City Demands All Copies of Mad Magazine with Ad Parody Destroyed

In this month's Mad Magazine, there's an ad parody for Circuit City (Sucker City! Oh, Mad Magazine you rascal!) that takes aim at the electronics retailer. Always across the street from a Best Buy! Expensive TVs! The price always goes down right after you bought it! Wah wahhhh! I wasn't even aware that Circuit City… »8/04/08 9:51am8/04/08 9:51am