Watch These Cigar Rollers Turn a Stack of Dried Leaves Into Smokeable Art

The latest episode of the Made by Hand series profiles Martinez Cigars, a New York City-based factory and store where they've been hand rolling and selling cigars since 1974. Watching one of their craftsmen take a stack of dried tobacco leaves and effortlessly roll it into a cigar is mesmerizing, and the art is made… »9/10/12 9:31am9/10/12 9:31am


The Life of a Modern Day Knife Maker Who Still Makes Knives By Hand Is Fascinating

Made By Hand, a documentary series of people who still, um, make things by hand, recently featured Joel Bukiewicz, a modern day knife maker who started Cut Brooklyn, a wonderful shop for handmade knives. In his featurette, Bukiewicz shows the process and immense detail he puts into every single knife. »11/07/11 6:40pm11/07/11 6:40pm