Apple's iAd Gallery App: Finally, All Your Favorite iAds in One Place!

No more wasting your money collecting all those apps just so you can watch the lovely, revolutionary, magical, emotional, whatever-happened-to-those iAds contained therein. Apple has deigned to slap together iAd Gallery, a free app that promises "Great ads. On-demand. In your pocket." I don't think it's a belated… » 4/05/11 5:20pm 4/05/11 5:20pm

Angel Kitty Tail Cam for Intimate, Up-The-Skirt Moments

What's long, white, wiry and fluffy and has a bit of hardware stuck on the end? A tail cam, of course. Available in Japan from Angel Kitty (they are the hot freekz who brought us the French Maid Keyboard) it will cost you $146, but I think that's a bit expensive, so, after the jump, I'll tell you how to make your own. » 7/12/07 6:22am 7/12/07 6:22am

Conference Bike: Steering by Porsche, Idea by Crackpot Dutchman

I'm off. Leaving. So, tatty-bye. Working for Gizmodo has been fun, but I have a higher calling, thanks to the discovery of this Conference Bike, invented by Eric Staller in 1991. The 15 mph behemoth only cost me $10,000 and I am going to travel to Guyana on a mission to save the indigenous orange-breasted marmoset… » 4/06/07 7:03am 4/06/07 7:03am