Firefox Mobile 1.0 Burrows Onto Nokia N900s

Firefox Mobile crawled into its first pockets last night, going live on Maemo5. The mobile version retains the full awesomeness of the Awesome Bar and includes WeaveSync for keeping tabs, passwords, and bookmarks straight across desktop and mobile versions. » 1/30/10 12:11pm 1/30/10 12:11pm

Nokia N900 U.S. Preorders Are Go: $650 No Contract

The N900 is up for preorder, and Nokia is throwing in its BH-703 Bluetooth headset to sweeten the deal. That's beats €500 ($710) in Europe. The N900 packs some hot specs, but remember it needs T-Mobile's network for 3G. [Nokia] » 9/04/09 6:45am 9/04/09 6:45am

Nokia ARM-Based Smartbook To Follow Booklet 3G?

It was only on Monday that Nokia confirmed its first laptop, but now DigiTimes suggests the Fins may use either Compal or Foxconn to build an ARM-based smartbook for 2010. If true, my guess is it'll run Maemo 5. » 8/26/09 4:00am 8/26/09 4:00am