Italy Wants to Turn Its Old Bridges into Inverted Skyscrapers

Southern Italy is dotted with hulking aqueducts that went out of service years ago. In an attempt to find a new use for the structures in lieu of tearing it down, the government held a competition. One of the winning designs will blow your mind. » 4/18/14 4:20pm 4/18/14 4:20pm

The Mob Is Secretly Dumping Nuclear Waste Across Italy and Africa

Organized crime is famously good at exploiting time-sensitive industries like construction, fishing, and—of course—garbage removal. But revelations about millions of tons of toxic waste buried haphazardly and illegally by the mob are causing an uproar in southern Italy, where cancer rates are nearly 50 percent higher… » 1/31/14 2:00pm 1/31/14 2:00pm

That Mysterious, Possibly Mafia-Connected Safe Has Been Opened But Only…

Do you remember that mysterious safe hidden behind a wall inside Bill's Casino in Reno? Well, it's been opened. Cool! Not really, since it was opened and filmed by Oprah's people for a TV special. So no one knows what's inside still. TV drama! » 9/21/11 8:20pm 9/21/11 8:20pm

A Man Found a Mysterious, Possibly Mafia-Connected Safe Inside a Casino…

Mike Laub recently bought Bill's casino in Lake Tahoe and was in the process of renovating the building. But when he started tearing down walls, Laub found a four foot tall, black locked safe that was hidden underneath a staircase and sealed off behind a wall. » 8/24/11 12:15pm 8/24/11 12:15pm

Gizmondo Heads = Swedish Mafia? Oh My!

Libel-tastic, this one is, my friends. Apparently, in the fine tradition of the Phantom, the investment team of Gizmondo is not quite on the up-and-up. Do we know this for sure? Probably not, but the Swedes certainly do. Stefan, a stalwart protector of the world against the encroaching "Manager's Meatball Special… » 10/26/05 4:57pm 10/26/05 4:57pm