The Ikea Nightmare Is Over, Magnetic Flat-Pack Furniture Is Here

Do you hear that? In the distance? That's the sound of thousands of college students shouting with joy. Because designer Benjamin Vermeulen has created a line of easy to assemble flat-pack furniture that doesn't require screws, nuts, bolts, or those dreaded allen wrenches. Just the magic of magnets. » 12/17/13 10:53am 12/17/13 10:53am

Laptop Mag's Perfect Phone

The lads over at Laptop Mag are so tired of dealing with the phones on the market now they decided to design their own perfect imaginary phone. What does it consist of? Well, an operating system from Google, an interface by iRiver, wireless connectivity like Zing, a CPU from Qualcomm, 8GB flash, 2.8-inch LCD and… » 5/11/07 6:30pm 5/11/07 6:30pm

Fujitsu Mag EraSURE: Erase Your HD In 60 Seconds

We're far from encouraging people to engage in illegal activities—we didn't look at our naked selves in the mirror until we were over 18—but this 60 second hard disk eraser from Fujitsu has many business applications as well. » 5/30/06 7:30pm 5/30/06 7:30pm

Bulb-To-LED Conversion For MAG

You may (or may not) remember when we reported that MAG was going to release LED-based flashlights. Well if you or Johnny Law just can't wait and demand the battery life and power of LEDs, this is for you. TerraLUX (hmm, perhaps they made the Luxor's huge beam? That's where the Gizmodo-ites are staying for CES, BTW.… » 1/03/06 11:24am 1/03/06 11:24am