Israel Fires Iron Dome's Big Brother

The Iron Dome missile defense system is getting a lot of praise, having (ostensibly) knocked down a lot of Hamas' rockets with remarkable accuracy. All of this unexpected action means it's time to kickstart the bigger, badder version: David's Sling. » 11/27/12 9:48am 11/27/12 9:48am

MagicWand Combines Your Magic Trackpad and Keyboard Into a Single…

It didn't take long after Apple's Magic Trackpad was introduced for people to start scooching it up next to its natural mate, the Apple keyboard. Now the good people at Twelve South have come up with a way to keep them together: the MagicWand. » 2/16/11 8:40pm 2/16/11 8:40pm

Apple Still Thinking About Wiimote-Like Magic Wand Controller

Seems like Apple is not giving up on alternative control methods: They have just updated their March Wiimote-like controller patent, so that means they may still working on it. Or maybe not. » 12/31/09 7:07am 12/31/09 7:07am