Magnetic Field Art Will Make You Miss Your Old CRT Display

Remember how awesome it was to hold up a magnet to an old CRT display, and then watch it degauss in a colorful, rainbow seizure? Well you probably don't have any CRTs on hand anymore, but German artist Carsten Nicolai has an installation that makes use of those same magnetic deformations, and it's still fun to watch. »4/27/13 10:30am4/27/13 10:30am

Scientists Builds His Own Tiny Planet to Create a Magnetic Field

Yesterday, I showed you a great video of NASA scientists explaining how magnetic fields work over beautiful animations making the fields come to life. Today, now that you're all caught up on how the fields work, I'll show you how geophysicist Dan Lathrop is building a fake planet filled with liquid sodium that will,… »6/03/08 10:30am6/03/08 10:30am

NASA Scientists Make Magnetic Fields Visible, Beautiful

Magnetic fields are invisible, at least usually. But Scientists from NASA's Space Sciences Laboratory have made them visible as "animated photographs," using sound-controlled CGI and 3D compositing. It makes the fields, as explained by the scientists, dance in an absolutely gorgeous movie called Magnetic Movie. You… »6/02/08 3:20pm6/02/08 3:20pm