Marvel at this magic mahjong table again and again and again

A table with a hole that will suck all your mahjong pieces and returns them perfectly stacked, ready to play. Obviously, it's powered by SORCERY... » 3/23/14 3:38pm 3/23/14 3:38pm

This 16GB Mahjong USB Drive Costs $550?!

If you thought the Chinese were going to undercut cheap Japanese USB drives » 10/08/08 6:00pm 10/08/08 6:00pm with even cheaper versions, you've been drinking too much contaminated powered milk. These Mahjong drives are custom-engraved with three letters, such as the character on Mahjong pieces, your name or whatever dirty phrase you can come up with.…

Mahjong Tile Cell Strap

Mahjong is China's national game in the same way that Mario is Japan's. It's also highly addictive, rendering many an old Chinatown resident incapable of thinking of much else. So if you're one of them suckers who have lost a fuckload of money playing Mahjong, this cell strap is only $7 and is sure to bring you good… » 2/02/07 2:02pm 2/02/07 2:02pm