These Redesigned MLB Stadium Logos Are Better Than the Real Thing

If your ballpark is underwritten by a corporation, you've probably noticed how hilariously tacked-on these sponsorships can feel. Let's face it: Dog food, orange juice, and insurance don't always mesh with baseball history. But these redesigned logos attempt to make the unholy union of ballparks and brands a little… » 5/28/14 9:00am 5/28/14 9:00am

Five Stores That Hosed Customers With DRM

Sure, it's easy to blithely state that DRM is annoying and sucks. But the fact is, it really can leave you holding vaporous media that you paid real money for, like when a vendor closes up shop or switches to new DRM. Last 100 rounds up five stores that have done just that: Major League Baseball (switched DRM, nuking… » 4/28/08 12:15pm 4/28/08 12:15pm