Watch a woman show what 100 years of beauty looks like in 1 minute

Different eras have different definitions of beauty. A look in the early 1900s can fall out of favor a few years down the road or maybe inspire a style decades later. Cut Video made this video that shows a model getting her and make up done to show what beautiful meant from 1910 to 2010. » 12/02/14 8:54pm 12/02/14 8:54pm

The top ten makeup transformations in movie history

Good makeup is key to create believable fictional characters. That's why moviegoers at Cinefix decided to pay homage to the best movie makeup artists by putting together this list of the best ten makeup transformations of all time: » 9/25/14 10:30am 9/25/14 10:30am

How to Hack an Inkjet to Print Custom-Colored Makeup

After graduating from Harvard, Grace Choi decided that she wanted to target the makeup industry with a low-cost device that would actually let consumers simply print their own. And while she's working on perfecting (and raising the needed funding) to put her Mink printer into production, she's created a tutorial on … » 9/22/14 5:30pm 9/22/14 5:30pm

Panasonic's AR Make-Up Mirror Turned Me Into a Pussycat Doll

Stuff the tech reporting — after trying out Panasonic's augmented reality make-up mirror, I reckon I've got a glittering career awaiting me as the first male member of the Pussycat Dolls. » 9/04/14 11:37am 9/04/14 11:37am

Girl transforms her mouth into cute famous characters with just makeup

Makeup artist Laura Jenkinson uses makeup to create adorable cartoon characters from our childhood on her mouth. It's so creative, she uses her lips as a guide to draw the funny faces in. And it's so perfect, the cartoons look like they're just hanging out on her face. » 8/19/14 9:34pm 8/19/14 9:34pm

Watch How "Electronic Makeup" Completely Transforms This Model's Face

Nobumichi Asai has used projection mapping to put CGI onto cars, docks, building and more. His latest canvas? A real, live human face. » 8/18/14 1:34am 8/18/14 1:34am

An Augmented Reality Mirror Lets You Test Makeup Without Putting It On

Thanks to this slick augmented reality mirror, if you happen to find yourself in Sephora's makeup store while visiting Milan, Italy, you'll have the rare opportunity to try on almost every shade of eyeshadow the company sells, without ever putting any of it on your face. » 6/04/14 2:20pm 6/04/14 2:20pm

Woman completely transforms her face with make up

Meet makeup artist Elsa Rhae. Also known as a White Walker. Or Captain Planet. Or the Grinch. Or anybody, really. Rhae can transform her face into pretty much anything in the world because she's simply incredible at what she does. She uses make up and face paint to bring characters to life in the real world. » 5/19/14 11:48pm 5/19/14 11:48pm

Scary punk magically transforms into posh girl—but what's better?

Well that was unexpected. Meet Mel. She's an intimidating punk rocker who has a hot pink mohawk, more piercings than she can count and has never found a studded leather jacket she's never worn before. And then meet Mel again after her made for TV makeover. Who is the better Mel? » 2/24/14 7:27pm 2/24/14 7:27pm

Electronic Make-Up Lets You Activate Gadgets By Blinking

A cheeky wink can say an awful lot—but now it can do an awful lot, too. A new range of conducting cosmetics means that you could soon be activating electronics with the blink of an eye. » 10/16/13 9:01am 10/16/13 9:01am

I Am the Prettiest Princess

I am the prettiest princess, and you(r child of either gender) can be too. With an endless supply of cyber-makeup afforded by the Barbie™ Digital Makeover Mirror, an iPad, and the associated app, your (child's) dreams of effervescent, MSPaint magnificence can—will come true. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder,… » 2/12/13 10:00am 2/12/13 10:00am

Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs Movie Makeup Is Totally Unreal—He IS Jobs

Whoa. We've seen Ashton Kutcher in a scene from early in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and had an early review of the film as well, but this is the first we've seen of his makeup for the latter day Jobs. And man, it's something. » 1/29/13 2:40pm 1/29/13 2:40pm

Why Is Mark Zuckerberg Wearing So Much White Eye Shadow?

Mark Zuckerberg stars in an unusual Facebook Roadshow video meant to help potential investors understand the company before the IPO. But, while the video answers lots of questions, it also raises a significant one for us. » 5/03/12 10:40pm 5/03/12 10:40pm

Sephora's New Site Is Crack for Beauty Junkies

Shopping for makeup should be fun. And it should not happen at Amazon. It's unnatural to buy your mascara at the same place where you lock in low prices for monthly toilet paper delivery. Happily, Sephora's website makeover ensures that you won't be tempted to mix eyeshadow with MP3 downloads. » 4/09/12 8:12am 4/09/12 8:12am

A Year's Worth of Make-Up Applied In One Day Is a Horrible Dripping Mess

Ladies—and men!—if you want to be truly frightened by what 365 day's worth of make-up would look like if applied all in one day, look no further. Dutch artists Lenert Engelberts and Sander Plug painted model Hannelore Knuts' face "to see how much is needed to go from a natural look to an outrageous one." » 7/05/11 6:20am 7/05/11 6:20am

This Gun Packs All the Make Up a Sexy Assassin Needs...and a Viagra Pill

A lot of guys swoon when they see a girl handle a weapon. But bullets and shooting and murder are scary not sexy! Thankfully, these "guns for girls" have ditched the bullets and are just packing make up. » 6/23/11 7:40pm 6/23/11 7:40pm

Sometimes the Answer is More Simple Than You Think

Did you look at this photo and assume, just like I did, that British-Canadian artist James Birkbeck used Photoshop to style himself as Vincent van Gogh? Often, the best trickery isn't computer-generated, but achieved with everyday-objects: in this case, make-up. » 1/26/11 7:20am 1/26/11 7:20am

How to Fool Face Recognition Systems With Make Up

The next time you see someone with a make up style that puts David Bowie to shame, don't laugh too much. He or she may be cleverly fooling face recognition and detection systems with a crazy or asymmetrical design. » 4/23/10 7:20pm 4/23/10 7:20pm

The Opposite of Photoshop

This is a lovely painting—except that it's a photo. Of a person. In front of a set. It's an amazing blend of photography, body paint, and modeling. And it makes me so thankful that Photoshop exists. » 2/19/10 10:40pm 2/19/10 10:40pm

Vibrating Mascara Wand Can't Do You Or Your Makeup Well

The last place I've ever thought to stick a vibrating wand is in my eye. I like my vibrating razor, but this video tear down of motorized mascara makes me wonder why any lady would want to tickle her lashes. » 9/02/09 3:20pm 9/02/09 3:20pm