Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs Movie Makeup Is Totally Unreal—He IS Jobs

Whoa. We've seen Ashton Kutcher in a scene from early in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and had an early review of the film as well, but this is the first we've seen of his makeup for the latter day Jobs. And man, it's something. » 1/29/13 2:40pm 1/29/13 2:40pm

A Year's Worth of Make-Up Applied In One Day Is a Horrible Dripping Mess

Ladies—and men!—if you want to be truly frightened by what 365 day's worth of make-up would look like if applied all in one day, look no further. Dutch artists Lenert Engelberts and Sander Plug painted model Hannelore Knuts' face "to see how much is needed to go from a natural look to an outrageous one." » 7/05/11 6:20am 7/05/11 6:20am

Casio EX-Z300 Camera Has the Digital Equivalent of Homer's Makeup…

The Casio EX-Z300 camera is one of the few to have a "make up" effect that supposedly smooths away blemishes. Whether this is a simply the digital effect of smearing vasoline on the lens, or a more sophisticated algorithm using face detection and selective zit/wrinkle elimination, is yet to be determined. It has a 10MP… » 8/19/08 9:20pm 8/19/08 9:20pm

Glitter Gun - For The Times When You Want to Get Whored Up Really,…

Much like Homer's makeup gun, this Glitter Gun allows you to apply sparkly bits to your woman in record time, allowing long waits on the couch while she's getting ready to become a thing of the past. The gun is a bit tricky, however, seeing as one glitter shot is not quite enough, and two glitter shots activates "drunk, … » 2/27/08 2:40pm 2/27/08 2:40pm

ModelCo's Lip Light for People Who Can't Apply Lipstick in the Dark

Ostensibly, this lip gloss with concealed LED light in the lid is to avoid any Marilyn Manson or The Cure's Robert Smith-style makeup malfunctions and help you put on your lippy while you're stuck in a dark place (grimy club corridors, dustbins, my mind on a Sunday evening). I can think of some better uses for it,… » 6/25/07 9:29am 6/25/07 9:29am