Stripped car transforms into exotic sports car with magic foam

Reddit user Geeky_ shows how a scrap car can be magically transformed into an exotic sports car with expanding foam. The car, which is pretty much just a stripped metal body, gets fattened up with luxurious curves and looks like it costs a million bucks. Slick. Painted blob never looked so good. » 4/10/14 8:57pm 4/10/14 8:57pm

Astronauts Getting First Space Kitchen Fridge Ever Actually Wanted a…

They may be rocket scientists and spend years training for things going awry in the void of space, but NASA has revealed that astronauts in the International Space Station will face the biggest, most dangerous challenge humans have ever encountered through thousand of years of history: Home remodeling. Next weekend,… » 11/10/08 12:15pm 11/10/08 12:15pm

Creative Zen Getting Bubblegum Pink Makeover

Looks like the Zune isn't the only PMP to be getting a color makeover, Creative's Zen is in on it too. The new model was spotted at Wal Mart, where it is retailing at $69.99 for a 2GB unit, with no other capacities listed. As far as we can tell, the pink Zen is ready for immediate shipping, despite the fact it is not… » 4/27/08 11:30pm 4/27/08 11:30pm