Simple Hack Adds Power-Charge USB Slot to VGA Socket

Sometimes the simplest hacks are the most useful: If you've got a laptop with limited USB ports and you're in the market for something small and handy to let you charge a device over USB, then this is for you. All it takes is a male-male VGA adapter, a spare USB socket and some accurate soldering: it's all in the… » 11/26/08 10:10am 11/26/08 10:10am

Awesome Mod Adds 3D Animated Imaging to Viewmaster Toy

I was never jealous of my friends who had those Viewmaster slide-viewer toys when I was a kid—they just seemed kinda boring, but I would » 11/12/08 11:30am 11/12/08 11:30am have been jealous if the toy was as clever as this mod. This guy's taken the toy and added an Arduino-driven display unit, accelerometers and a Bluetooth connection to a PC so that…

Etch-A-Sketch Mod Adds Memory, Ability to Reproduce Your Art

Rakesh Reddy's Remember-it-All mod brings Etch-a-Sketch nearly up to the 21st Century, by adding a memory and stepper motors to the toy. It ends up being a tad like the Etch-a-Sketch clock » 11/10/08 9:00am 11/10/08 9:00am, but niftily when you switch it into record mode it copies your every move into memory. Throw a switch and your crappy…

DIY Telepresence Robot Lets You Work At Work In Your Undies

Telepresence robots pop up in different » 11/07/08 7:00am 11/07/08 7:00am , including the (which lacks a screen to truly telepresence your image), but now there's this DIY project to follow to build your own. At core Sparky the robot has a Mac-Mini, motorized carriage and a Make controller board—though you can use an arduino—and some custom…

DIY Magic Mirror Makes Disney's Look Positively Low Tech

This is for those of you who got a shiver when the magic mirror spoke to the witch in Snow White... or rather, it's the sort of thing that'll give your kids a shiver in this electronic age. A guy called Al has hooked up an old PC, an LCD screen, an Arduino board and a slew of sensors to give his daughters their very… » 10/27/08 1:15pm 10/27/08 1:15pm

Teeny Web Server is Smaller Than a Business Card, and Way More Useful

Hackaday's running a cute little electronics project at the mo (well, if you think electronics can be cute) which shows you how to build a fully working web server on a circuit board no bigger than a business card, in plan at least. It's capable of serving up web pages and files and instead of using tricky-to-access… » 9/26/08 10:15am 9/26/08 10:15am

Indoor R-C Helicopters Go DIY, Use Spare Electronics Parts

Forget the Picoo Z's » 9/05/08 10:30am 9/05/08 10:30am, no matter how much they are they can't be as cool as making and flying your own indoor remote-control 'copter. And over at there's a set of instructions that'll help you DIY, assuming you have some spare CD drive motors and servos lying around, and are happy with soldering and detailed…

Candle Maker Gadget Makes Candles Out Of Old Candles

Have you ever finished burning a candle and wondered what to do with the wax left over? We sure haven't—because we're dudes! But if your wife has this problem, gift them one of these candle makers that pound the leftover parts of various other candles into an all-new candle, ready for the burning. After about 1,000… » 10/03/06 11:25am 10/03/06 11:25am