Quote: Would a Modern Day MacGyver Still Use a Swiss Army Knife?

While yesterday's revelation at Maker Faire by MacGyver creator and real-life inspiration Lee D. Zlotoff that a MacGyver blockbuster was in the works was a pretty sweet surprise, we followed up by asking him perhaps the most pressing MacGyver question of all: Would a modern day MacGyver still use a Swiss Army knife? [ »5/04/08 7:35pm5/04/08 7:35pm

Maker Faire: Remote Controlled Battleships Fighting With BB Gun Cannons

Why do I need goggles to watch R/C ships sailing in a pond? Because these replicas of WWII battleships fire C02-powered projectiles. In the video above, you can see munitions bounce off the plexi shields protecting the crowd and make splashes as they ricochet off enemy hulls. The Western Warship Combat Club is… »5/03/08 6:40pm5/03/08 6:40pm