Interactivation: When Music Makers and Tesla Coils Collide

On display at Maker Faire 2009, Interactivation is a whimsical, slightly non-sensical cross between a six-way collaborative music machine and a Tesla coil, producing improvised sounds and scientific trickery from the same machine. » 5/31/09 10:45pm 5/31/09 10:45pm

Wall-E Has Nothing on Mech Virus

Sure, Wall-E is all cute and adorable, but does he spew melted floppy disks? No. This is why I, in my humble opinion, think that Mech Virus is way cooler than Wall-E could ever hope to be. » 5/30/09 8:45pm 5/30/09 8:45pm

Neuron Chamber Offers a Glimpse at What Alien Brains Might Look Like

Okay fine, maybe this is more of an artistic representation that's taken a few liberties, but still, the Neuron Chamber on display at Maker Faire 2009 is a pretty cool looking piece of extraterrestrial art. » 5/30/09 8:15pm 5/30/09 8:15pm

Maker Faire This Weekend

Reminder to you lucky bastards in the Bay Area: Maker Faire—the world's largest DIY festival—is happening this weekend at the San Mateo Event Center. There'll be huge Tesla coils, battling battleships, cybernetic giraffes, and lots of crazies running around. Like Burning Man, but safe for kids. [MF] » 5/29/09 4:39pm 5/29/09 4:39pm