Starting today, Home Depot will start selling MakerBot Replicators at 12 locations in LA, SF, NY, and Chicago as part of a national pilot program. Yep, soon you'll be able to swing by Home Depot to pick up a machine that prints all the things you swing by Home Depot for. » 7/14/14 9:59am 7/14/14 9:59am

Hands On With MakerBot's Bigger, Better, Two Color 3D Printer

Yesterday MakerBot unveiled their next generation 3D printer, cleverly naming it the Replicator in a nod to the similar devices seen in Star Trek. But instead of instantly producing a piping hot cup of Earl Grey tea, the Replicator methodically turns 3D models into real-life plastic creations. » 1/10/12 5:02pm 1/10/12 5:02pm

MakerBot's Replicator Prints Larger 3D Creations In Two Spectacular…

A complicated adventure game that MakerBot created to tease their new 3D printer had me pretty excited about what they were going to announce at CES. But now that their Replicator is officially unveiled, I'm a touch disappointed. » 1/09/12 3:54pm 1/09/12 3:54pm