​How Autodesk's Experimental Lab Gave Us an Odd Little Star Wars Movie

The long rectangles of San Francisco's famous piers gave the city a blocky, geometric border with the Bay over a century ago. Now these abandoned remnants of the Barbary Coast are being rejuvenated by companies like software giant Autodesk, whose Pier 9 Workshop is so experimental that it feels like science fiction. » 3/30/15 10:00am 3/30/15 10:00am

How Makers Are Desktop-Fabricating a Revolution of Things

When I was in high school in the late 1970's, we had workshop class as part of the "Industrial Arts" curriculum. It wasn't quite clear why this was a required credit—we lived in suburb of Washington, D.C., and there were no factories around and most of my friends' parents were lawyers and government workers. But… » 10/03/12 9:00am 10/03/12 9:00am

Under $20 MAKE Electronics Gift Guide Good For Frugal Holiday Season

Times may be hard » 11/18/08 10:15am 11/18/08 10:15am economically, but you don't need to give your electronics-DIY enthusiast friend a naff present, thanks to MAKE's sub-$20 Electronics Gift Guide. In fact, some of the items listed are so neat I'm tempted to gift a couple to myself right now... There's a DIY battery-powered USB charger kit good for…

Drowned iPhone 3G Reincarnated as Beautiful Fishing Lure

It's the circle of life, really: man drops iPhone in river while fishing, iPhone dies, iPhone is torn apart, iPhone becomes fishing lure, iPhone catches dinner. Life goes on. "Seeing it was the river that took it from me, it's gonna at least catch me some fish," says Maker Captain Ahab (perfection in a handle). He… » 9/25/08 2:40pm 9/25/08 2:40pm

New Arduino Nano: DIY Electronics in Gum-Sized Board

We've shown you lots of weird and wonderful gizmos that DIY electronics fans have made using the powerful Arduino board, and now there's a new option: the Nano. It's not very much bigger than a stick of gum, and comes with full USB support and almost the same functionality as the bigger Diecimila board: immediately I… » 5/19/08 6:10am 5/19/08 6:10am

Maker Faire Bay Area - This Saturday and Sunday

Maker Faire and its ridiculously dangerous projects are going to be in San Mateo this weekend. If you're in town, drop by and say hello, since Brian's going to be there covering the crazy robots and trying to keep his eyebrows from burning off. If you're going to be running an awesome booth at Maker, drop him a note… » 5/02/08 6:59pm 5/02/08 6:59pm