Make's LED History Movie Is Pretty Cool, Includes DIY Instructions

We all take LEDs » 11/24/08 4:33am 11/24/08 4:33am pretty much for granted, but the guys over at have done a good job with this movie that shows the history behind the little glowing things. Turns out the Light Emitting Diode was one of those devices that was more or less discovered by accident, during an experiment at Marconi labs into a…

Under $20 MAKE Electronics Gift Guide Good For Frugal Holiday Season

Times may be hard » 11/18/08 10:15am 11/18/08 10:15am economically, but you don't need to give your electronics-DIY enthusiast friend a naff present, thanks to MAKE's sub-$20 Electronics Gift Guide. In fact, some of the items listed are so neat I'm tempted to gift a couple to myself right now... There's a DIY battery-powered USB charger kit good for…

Halloween Costume Greatest Hits: Headless Marie Antoinette Roams the Streets

There's a Halloween costume/tech/food contest going on at Makezine.com, and by far the scariest and most dramatic entry is this headless Marie Antoinette costume. That's just the beginning, though, because there are all kinds of gross foods and disgusting creepy crawlies on that site today. There's even a cockroach… » 10/31/06 8:23am 10/31/06 8:23am