Razer THX Mako 2.1 Speakers Reviewed (Verdict: Gorgeous, Best 2.1 System Ever)

Razer is (justifiably) known for their gaming peripherals, particularly their keyboards and mice (which you love or hate, depending on what kind of games you play). On the audio front, they're slightly less battle hardened, and, by and by, most 2.1 systems are dreck. (I'll totally vouch for Logitech's ZX-2300 setup,… » 2/05/08 7:00pm 2/05/08 7:00pm

Mako Desktop Speakers Actually Worked Today, Sounded Just Fine

Remember yesterday when I had a one-on-one with the 2.1-channel Razer Mako desktop speakers and they didn't work? Magic must have happened overnight and they worked just fine today. The speakers sounded great from all over the demo room with no "dead spots" to speaker of. Audioslave bellowed from the tiny satellites… » 1/09/07 5:38pm 1/09/07 5:38pm

Razer's Mako Desktop Speakers Look Like Spaceship, May Actually Sound Good

Razer, known for its high end PC gaming peripherals, is trying to break into the more general home entertainment market. The first step? The Mako desktop speakers, designed in conjunction with THX's mad scientists to sound, you know, better than the average piece of junk PC desktop speakers. There was only one small… » 1/08/07 3:12am 1/08/07 3:12am