Mamiya's $20k, 33-Megapixel DL33 Medium-Format Digital Is Beautiful

Medium format wizards Mamiya are continuing their legacy of huge-sensored digicams with the new DL33—33 megapixels spread across a 36mm x 48mm sensor, which is twice the size of a full-frame DSLR's chip. » 3/19/09 9:40am 3/19/09 9:40am

Nikon 41-Megapixel MX Format Sensor for Digital Rangefinder?

We've been following this for a little while to let some meat stick on the skeletal rumors, and it's finally feeling substantial enough—though definitely still a rumor—to throw your way. It looks like Nikon's got a 41-megapixel medium format (MX) sensor » 9/05/08 12:30pm 9/05/08 12:30pm up its sleeve, which is most likely for a digital rangefinder.…