This Theory of Why Mammoths Went Extinct Will Make You See the Earth in a Different Way

The extinction of the mammoths in Eurasia occurred at the end of the Pleistocene. They didn’t die alone. A lot of different megafauna, including cave bears and giant sloths, went extinct at roughly the same time. There are plenty of theories on why mammoths went extinct: climate change, disease, geological upheaval,… »10/28/15 9:40am10/28/15 9:40am


Russian Kid Follows His Nose to a Perfectly Preserved Mammoth Penis

Would you believe me if I said Lynyrd Skynard's song "That Smell" is actually based on a Russian children's folk song about archaeological finds? You shouldn't, but the smell of ancient animal remains is apparently so distinct, an 11-year-old boy in Russia just found what might be the most perfectly preserved mammoth… »10/08/12 6:20pm10/08/12 6:20pm