Gogo Wi-Fi Is Using Man-in-the-Middle Malware Tactics on Its Own Users 

Gogo's inflight Wi-Fi service is pretty much your only option when it comes to surfing the internet in the skies above. Which means that they are free to give you shitty service at even shittier prices all they want. And now, according to one Google engineer, they're also playing fast and loose with your online… » 1/05/15 2:10pm 1/05/15 2:10pm

How The 2004 Presidential Election May Have Been Hacked

Ohio's 2004 presidential election is one many won't forget. Democrat John Kerry was the leader and exit polls pegged him as the winner. Defying explanation, a last-minute shift in votes favored Republican George W. Bush and propelled him to victory. » 7/26/11 8:53pm 7/26/11 8:53pm