The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Mandelbrot

For crying out loud, this was supposed to be a deserted mountain top. Can't a guy find enlightenment in peace anywhere these days? » 2/15/14 12:00am 2/15/14 12:00am

Super-Mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot Has Passed Away

The French mathematician was the father of fractals, and while pancreatic cancer got the better of him four days ago, his reputation will live on in the areas of maths, physics, finance, biology and countless more. » 10/18/10 6:40am 10/18/10 6:40am

Watch This Fractal Animation Until Your Brain Bleeds Out of Your Ears

This is how I imagine a trip into the brain of Hunter S. Thompson after eating a slice of Benoît Mandelbrot's brain, sautéed with a bit of pepper, olive oil, and mescal shaves. Except there are no strippers running around. » 8/30/10 8:20pm 8/30/10 8:20pm