Is This the Perfect-Sized Mini Tripod We’ve Been Waiting For?

The problem with most compact tripods is that while highly portable, they're really only useful for supporting lighter cameras like point-and-shoots or smartphones. But most people who'd actually need and use a tripod are probably shooting with heavier DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. So Manfrotto created the Pixi: a… »7/15/13 12:42pm7/15/13 12:42pm


This iPhone Case Is a Tiny Photography Studio That Won't Help Your iPhone 5's Camera

There's usually a dearth of new iPhone accessories leading up to an Apple event, because most companies don't want to release a product incompatible with the latest model. Not Manfrotto. Its new KLYP case improves your iPhone's shots with a much needed mini tripod and large multi-LED flash. But iPhone 5 owners can… »9/27/12 3:40pm9/27/12 3:40pm

Keychain-Sized Camera Mount Helps Capture Those Special Moments

According to the manufacturer's website, the Manfrotto 797 Modo Pocket Camera Mount is billed as "the worlds smallest tripod," which is a bit disconcerting seeing how it only has two legs. Nonetheless, it appears to be a cool little device. The hinged design allows you to adjust camera angles, and it is small enough… »1/11/08 4:00pm1/11/08 4:00pm