Dell to Ship All Computers, Rubber Chickens in Apple Manila Cases

Laredo, Texas (Agencies) - Surprising everyone but industry guru Gene Munster, Dell has announced a partnership with Apple Inc. that will see the former licensing the latter's exclusive Manila Case technology to ship all their computer products and accessories, like their Dell Rubber Chickens and Dell Texas-Style BBQ… »7/04/08 3:00pm7/04/08 3:00pm

Leather Manila Macbook Air Sleeve Resurrects Old Joke In Style

Though nothing quite says "I have the thinnest computer in the world" like a manila envelope, the tan paper sleeve doesn't add much in terms of protection... or ostentatiousness. Perhaps it's time to upgrade to this leather version, which will keep your Macbook Air snug and (supposedly) safe while still giving a… »5/24/08 10:00am5/24/08 10:00am

The AirMail: That Manila MacBook Air Case is Real At Last

From demo-ware to humor-ware to hardware in a couple of days, the fabled Manila case for the MacBook Air is now for real. Dubbed AirMail, handmade in vinyl and fleece-lined to protect your precious laptop, it even comes with that cutesy red tie at no extra cost. Of course, you could argue that designers Jona Bechtolt… »1/17/08 5:20am1/17/08 5:20am