How To Not Be A Jerk On A Plane

We’ve already taught you how to be a good person on an airplane, which is important, but now it’s time to learn how to not be a total jerkoff on an airplane, which is arguably more important. This video briefs you on the basics: Don’t stow your carry-on items sideways, keep your voice down, don’t freak out, and most… »9/23/15 9:51am9/23/15 9:51am


Etiquette Checker Lets You Know if You're a Drunk with Bad Breath (Hint: You Are)

Nothing will make you look like more of an oaf than having horrible breath and being wasted. If you somehow aren't sure if either of those are the case after washing down a garlic-and-blue-cheese sandwich with a tall glass of straight bourbon, you should get the Etiquette Checker. Simply breathe into it to get a clear… »12/05/07 3:55pm12/05/07 3:55pm