Panasonic Just Wants To Be Your Everything

In an era when companies are getting focused, trimmer, leaner, Panasonic has unapologetically taken the stance that more is more. Thousands of products? Try a million. This is old school everythingism, and I kind of love it. » 7/12/10 10:00pm 7/12/10 10:00pm

PC Manufacturers See Piracy As A Hidden Benefit, Says id Software

Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software » 8/21/08 10:54pm 8/21/08 10:54pm (think and ), accuses PC hardware manufacturers of implicitly supporting piracy of all kinds because they see it as a "hidden benefit" when you buy a PC. This came up in an interview with , and was part of a larger point aimed at answering the question of why PC manufacturers aren't …