Uber’s Surge Pricing May Not Lead to a Surge in Drivers

Uber has long stirred controversy and consternation over the higher “surge” prices it charges at peak times. The company has always said the higher prices actually help passengers by encouraging more drivers to get on the road. But computer scientists from Northeastern University have found that higher prices don’t… »10/29/15 12:20pm10/29/15 12:20pm

Use Android's Dialler App to Search for Nearby Places

If you’ve just upgraded to Android Lollipop you might be slightly overwhelmed by all the new features and options at your disposal: The deeper you dig, the more surprises you discover. Here’s a tip for finding phone numbers and information for local businesses and venues, using the stock Dialler app rather than Google… »9/10/15 9:12am9/10/15 9:12am