Marantz Dock Does Wireless Bluetooth Streaming From Your iPod

This IS301 dock system from Marantz looks pretty swish, particularly as the dock part can be rotated for wall-mounting, but it's a little confusing. It adds Bluetooth remote streaming to your hi-fi, which is nice, can charge iPods (including touch, but not iPhone) when it's powered up, and it allows for direct control… »11/24/08 7:05am11/24/08 7:05am

Marantz VP-15S1 Projector Brings on the High-End 1080p

Marantz rolled out another one of its higher-end 1080p DLP projectors for home theater today, wrapping up this VP-15S1 in the same package as last year's model but significantly enhancing the specs. The contrast ratio is punched up, from 6500:1 in the old model to 10,000:1 on this one, and it's significantly brighter,… »10/19/07 10:25am10/19/07 10:25am

Marantz PMD620 Professional Handheld Field Recorder Might Sound as Good as It Looks

It's hard to tell from this pic of the $400 Marantz PMD620 Professional Handheld Field Recorder, but this relatively small solid-state device is slightly larger than a deck of cards. Despite its diminutive stature, it's packing pro-level features that podcasters will like, recording MP3 or WAV files in 16- or 24-bit… »10/02/07 12:50pm10/02/07 12:50pm