The Terrifying Hell A Marathon Inflicts On The Human Body

Pamela Anderson running on a beach is one of those indelible images in American pop culture. So there were a lot of yuks when she announced earlier this fall that she'd be running in the New York City Marathon, which takes place this Sunday. Pam Anderson running—for 26.2 miles! And when she went on Ellen and confessed… »11/03/13 10:49am11/03/13 10:49am

A Miracle Drug Keeps This 70-Year-Old Cancer Patient Running Marathons

Don Wright was diagnosed with myeloma—cancer in his blood cells and bone marrow—two weeks after running his first marathon. His doctor gave him a five-year survival estimate. Eight years later he has run 60 26.2-mile races in 41 states and takes just one pill per day to keep his cancer at bay. »12/14/11 4:00pm12/14/11 4:00pm