Watch a Man Direct Marble Quarry Excavators With Subtle Hand Gestures

At the Monte Bettolgi quarry in the northern Italian alps, industrial excavators crack massive blocks of marble out of the mountain. The sheer scale of the operation is impressive; even more so considering that one shirtless man orchestrates their movement with super simple hand gestures (minus a few fingertips). »10/14/14 5:15pm10/14/14 5:15pm

You'd Never Guess These Shelves Are Made From Earthquake Rubble

Mother Nature is lovely, but relentless; more and more, it seems like recovery-mode is standard operating procedure for large swathes of the world. On a small scale, some designers are finding ways to give new life to the damage left behind by natural disasters. Following a 5.9 earthquake that shook northern Italy in… »1/13/14 1:40pm1/13/14 1:40pm