Apple's Superstar Designer Marc Newson Redesigned This Classic Shotgun

The design world hyperventilated when it was announced that Marc Newson would be going to work with his best bud Jony Ive at Apple. But that doesn't mean all of his work will be done inside the spaceship, and now Newson has revealed another project: Redesigning one of the most iconic firearms in history. » 11/14/14 12:11pm 11/14/14 12:11pm

Why Apple Just Hired a Rockstar Industrial Designer

It's no secret that Apple is branching out into the home—and into all manner of peripherals. But it's still a surprise to hear that Marc Newson, the legendary industrial designer responsible for some of the most well-known furniture and products of the past decade, will be joining Jony Ive's team soon. » 9/05/14 5:29pm 9/05/14 5:29pm

Jony Ive’s RED Mac Pro Sold For Almost $1 Million This Weekend

Chris Martin and Bono played a duet on a $1.6 million piano, Jenna and Barbara Bush worked the room, and a computer was sold for $977,000. Though Vanity Fair contends that Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s Sotheby’s auction on Saturday was “unlike the typical Sotheby’s auction,” it still sounds like pretty typical rich… » 11/25/13 12:18pm 11/25/13 12:18pm

The Fiery Beauty of Forging an Hourglass

Australian designer Marc Newson makes hourglasses by hand. He does it with fire and glass and a sculptor's touch. And while the final products—10 and 60 minute timepieces from Ikepod, each filled with countless stainless steel nanoballs—cost more than any of us is able to afford, this intimate look at the process is… » 4/25/11 10:40pm 4/25/11 10:40pm

World's Most Expensive Chair Looks Like an Uncomfortable Metal Jelly…

This "lounger" composed of aluminum and fiberglass is to set go for between $1.6 million and $2.4 million at auction next month at Christie's in London. While The Sun's headline proclaims the chair to be a "million pounds of comfort," the key word in the "fluid aluminum form" envisioned by its designer, Marc Newson,… » 9/16/07 11:30am 9/16/07 11:30am