Time Capsule of Unpublished Books Won't Be Opened Until the Year 2114

Sadly, you won't be able to read Margaret Atwood's new book. When it's finally published you'll be dead. Well, you'll probably be dead. Because her latest work is going to be placed in a time capsule that won't be opened until the year 2114. And hers isn't the only book. » 9/10/14 2:40pm 9/10/14 2:40pm

The Long Pen in the Wild

Editor John went to BookExpo America last week and all he saw was Dr. Ruth looking like someone's small, lost grandmother. However, he should have checked out the Long Pen, the tool Margaret Atwood invented to sign her books remotely. » 5/22/06 4:29pm 5/22/06 4:29pm

Robotic Hand Helps Lazy Authors

Margaret Atwood of Canadian Sci-Fi author fame has created a little gadget to help her laziness and potentially piss off her fans and fellow authors. She has invented a robotic hand called the LongPen, it will help her do book signing tours by allowing everything to be done remotely. The LongPen will include a video… » 2/20/06 6:30am 2/20/06 6:30am