Maria Sharapova's Flashing Dress Is Less Exciting Than It Sounds

Maria Sharapova recently shilled for teamed up with Sony Ericsson and the London College of Fashion to show off students' techno-fashion ideas. The winning concept, i.e. the future? A Bluetooth dress that blinks whenever your phone rings. » 6/18/09 11:00am 6/18/09 11:00am

New Shots of the White Limited Edition PEBL

In case you were wondering what the limited edition white Maria Sharapova PEBL looked like, here you go. Only one of 50 available to special contest winners. Or if your name is Maria Sharapova. » 9/22/06 7:45pm 9/22/06 7:45pm

Maria Sharapova-Branded Motorola PEBL

According to Wikipedia, Maira Sharapova is a tennis player; according to me, she's hot. That aside, fans of the Russian tennis star can look forwar to getting their hands on a special white Sharapova-branded Motorola PEBL. Her signature (laser-etched, natch) is all over 50 of the special PEBLs. There's no way to… » 9/08/06 9:55am 9/08/06 9:55am