An RC Mario Kart With Wheels That Actually Convert To Hover Mode

Those pesky laws of the universe make it all but impossible to recreate the tracks, vehicles, and stunts you can perform in Mario Kart 8 in real life, but that didn't stop JAKKS Pacific from trying. The company's remote control version of Mario and his kart looks exactly like its video game counterpart, right down to… » 2/20/15 9:27am 2/20/15 9:27am

This AWESOME Mario Kart Lego is the blue shell of builds

A collaboration between 6kyubi6, 74louloute and fujiia celebrates the awesomeness that is Mario Kart. Even though this game makes you hate your friends, these pals somehow made this build come together. All of my favorite characters are represented and nearly all of the weapons of destruction were built. » 11/20/14 5:35pm 11/20/14 5:35pm

YouTube Finally Supports 60FPS, And It Looks Awesome

Earlier this year, YouTube announced plans to support videos running at 60 frames-per-second—plans that would make a huge difference for footage of video games. Today, the video network has finally started rolling out the new service, and you can already tell that this is going to be wonderful. » 10/29/14 6:05pm 10/29/14 6:05pm

Is SXSW's Real Life Mario Kart As Amazing As You'd Imagined?

Everyone who's played Mario Kart secretly wants it to be real. Sure, flinging turtle shells and banana peels at other cars will probably get you arrested, and while I once did go karting after eating some shrooms, I can't say it helped my speed. So I was exited to try real-life Mario Kart at SXSW. Here's what it's… » 3/10/14 12:38pm 3/10/14 12:38pm

Real life Mario Kart is ridiculously fast and even more fun

Mario Kart just might be the funnest video game in the entire world. Only the soulless can't find enjoyment in go kart racing with super fast Mushroom speed, red shells and Nintendo characters. So you can imagine the even more ridiculous levels of fun you can have if you turned Mario Kart into a real life race against… » 12/05/13 10:54pm 12/05/13 10:54pm

Mini Mario Kart R/C Racing Set Takes the Game Into the Real World

The giant Mario Kart R/C racer » 11/24/08 2:15pm 11/24/08 2:15pm was cool, but Mario on Mario races don't do a great job of bringing the game out of the Wii and into the real world (even the doesn't quite do the trick). However, these new mini R/C toys from Brando are a different story. Each rechargeable, iPod shuffle-sized racer comes with a…

Wiimote Keychains Project a Mario Mosaic On Your Wall

These mini wiimote novelty keychains have a unique function—it can shine an image of your favorite Mario-Kart character on the wall at the push of a button. Fans can collect six different versions that feature Luigi, Wario, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Baby Mario—but I wouldn't expect Mario to come flying out of the… » 11/21/08 3:00pm 11/21/08 3:00pm

Wii Wheel Mount Plays Mario Kart in Stereo(types)

For those who don't like the floating steering wheel of Mario Kart Wii (because it lacks the realism of driving around a banana-spewing bulletmobile), this wheel mount by JTT isn't a bad solution. Using a suction cup to attach the wheel to any flat surface, the top tilts 120-degrees so you can compete old-lady or » 7/03/08 9:00am 7/03/08 9:00am

Blazepro Offers Realistic Wii Racing Wheel For Better Mario Kart Control

If you haven't quite earned a license for Mario Kart driving, you can bypass the tacky training wheel and head straight for a realistic, grown-up solution. Blazepro is now offering a beefed-up racing wheel for the Wii that promises better driving accuracy. And, since the base can be attached to any desktop for better… » 5/22/08 3:00pm 5/22/08 3:00pm

Suck At Mario Kart? Build a Training Wheel in a Few Easy Steps

At first glance I thought that this homemade wheel mount was absolutely ridiculous—and with good reason. However, the fact that I recently played Mario Kart with my novice girlfriend leads me to believe that there could be a place for a mount like this. Using only a couple of 36-inch bungie cords and a plastic crate,… » 5/21/08 7:50pm 5/21/08 7:50pm