Facebook Handled Its IPO Exactly Right

Andrews Ross Sorkin wrote a piece for the NY Times that was just ridiculous. He put the blame squarely on the back of the CFO of FB. Talk about getting it 180 degrees wrong. » 9/04/12 1:28pm 9/04/12 1:28pm

Deep Basketball Team (And Cable Company) Owner Thoughts

So says Mark Cuban, opining about the potential for children's entertainment and media consumption with the iPad. The man owns a basketball team and was on Dancing with the Stars, people. Technology savant as far as I'm concerned. » 1/31/10 10:00am 1/31/10 10:00am

Mark Cuban's Plan to Choke Google's Super Powers

Musing on his blog, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks has thrown out a crazy idea for Microsoft. Instead of spending billions promoting Bing, what if they paid the top 1000 sites a million bucks to de-list from Google? » 11/17/09 6:58am 11/17/09 6:58am

Mark Cuban To Resurrect Movie Theaters, NBA and 3D At Same Time

Mark Cuban thinks he can save the dying business of movie theaters, which are steadily losing out to home entertainment options as televisions get bigger and video games and pay-per-view choices get better. His plan? Enlist the help of two even more archaic forms of entertainment, the NBA and 3D glasses. » 3/21/08 9:45am 3/21/08 9:45am