Danish Trolls Are Playing All Sorts of Twinkly Music On This Pan Pipes…

"Who's that tripping over my bridge?!" roared the troll. "It is I, the creator of elevator and massage room muzak, and I've come to have a tinkle on your bridge's underbelly-pipes!" » 6/29/11 3:40am 6/29/11 3:40am

Farewell Gizmodo, Sort Of

After four years, thousands of posts and countless phallic puns, I'm leaving one of the world's greatest jobs in attempt to pioneer new projects. And I'd love it if I could coax a few of you to come along. » 8/02/10 11:00am 8/02/10 11:00am

Confronting Your Digital Doppelganger Deranges and Disturbs

I've always figured that if you spent enough time on the internet, you could discover anything. And when I came across my apparent long lost twin earlier today, my theory proved eerily true. » 3/10/09 4:20pm 3/10/09 4:20pm

My Kindergarten Niece Tells Me About Her Mom's 'New Phone'

"My mom got a new phone," my niece tells me out of the blue.
"Neat, what kind of phone?"
"A button phone," she replies.
"A button phone?" » 12/22/08 2:30pm 12/22/08 2:30pm

Canon's FS11, FS10 and FS100 Camcorders...Nine Ounces of Flash Bliss

We just published our hands on with Canon's new Vixia HD flash-based camcorders. Here are their new flash-based standard def offerings, the FS11, FS10 and FS100. » 1/07/08 4:09pm 1/07/08 4:09pm

Canon's HD Vixia HF10 and HF100 Need No Tape

Canon plays catch-up at this year's CES, but we're pleased over their new line of tapeless HD VIXIA camcorders all the same. Here's the rundown: » 1/07/08 3:36pm 1/07/08 3:36pm

Weekend Team Says Merry Xmas

Christmas is about to roll, and the weekend team would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all our regular readers. We hope you have a smashing Christmas, and to make sure you do, we've gone to a lot of effort. We went to the party shop and hired elf costumes, we practiced dance moves in between our… » 12/23/07 1:05am 12/23/07 1:05am

Mark Wilson Wouldn't Give Up His Cellphone For Anything Less Than an…

In an interview with ABCnews, Mark Wilson reveals that he would only give up his cellphone if he was given enough money to buy his own private island. I'm sure he was just being facetious, because I have it on good authority that he would give up much more for much less. » 6/26/07 1:10pm 6/26/07 1:10pm