Zuckerberg Rambling About Nothing for 30 Minutes Earned Facebook $7…

Do you want to know what power is? Power is going up on a stage, yammering about very little for half an hour, and boom, a few days later your company is worth nearly $7 BILLION more than it was a few days ago. » 9/14/12 7:30pm 9/14/12 7:30pm

Amazon Appstore Now Lets You Try Out Apps Via the Cloud

Here's a neat little feature in the latest release of Amazon's Appstore for Android: you can now try out apps on your phone, instantly via the cloud, before you choose to buy them. » 5/22/12 5:16am 5/22/12 5:16am

Samsung Overtakes Nokia as the World's Biggest Phone Manufacturer

Samsung has just toppled Nokia's 14-year run as the world's biggest vendor of mobile phones in terms of shipments. In the first quarter of 2012 Samsung shipped 93.5 million handsets—36 per cent more than a year earlier—overtaking the Finnish phone giant who shipped a mere 82.7 million. » 4/27/12 3:31am 4/27/12 3:31am

A Worldwide Vanilla Shortage Is Making Ice Cream a Luxury

At our current rate of consumption, we're driving vanilla prices sky-high. The price for a kilo of the brown stuff has jumped from $25 to $40 in a single day, which means your summer ice creams might be an even more expensive treat than usual. » 4/03/12 10:50am 4/03/12 10:50am

Google Play: Apps, Music, Movies, and Books All Under One Roof

Today Google took steps to get all of its entertainment ducklings in a row. Google Play is the new umbrella that will cover the company's Apps, Movies, Music, and Books offerings. It'll cover both desktops and Android phones. Think iTunes for the Android set. » 3/06/12 1:00pm 3/06/12 1:00pm

Only 0.6-Percent of Android Devices Have Ice Cream Sandwich Installed

It's been over two months since Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) launched and the adoption rate is nothing short of pitiful. It's sort of a disaster. » 1/04/12 10:00pm 1/04/12 10:00pm

Here's All That Stands Between You and Stock Market Oblivion

The market's down 400 points today, continuing this terrorific scream-ride we've been on. EVERYBODY PANIC. Right? Actually, here's how—and when—the NYSE prevents one-stop-drop financial Armaggedon. » 8/18/11 1:21pm 8/18/11 1:21pm

It's Official: There Are More iPhones Than BlackBerrys (But Android…

Smartphones are finally outselling dumbphones, but not everyone's a winner. ComScore's latest numbers show that still aren't looking good for RIM. » 7/05/11 5:29pm 7/05/11 5:29pm

Android App Downloads Now Total 4.5 Billion

Google's seen an impressive jump in downloads from its Android Market app store, with their mobile advertising sales director for Europe Ian Carrington revealing it was just a year ago that it was only one billion downloads, "and that first billion took two years to happen...the last billion took 60 days." [The… » 6/29/11 9:47am 6/29/11 9:47am

GhostTown App Plays Any Searchable Song on the Web for Free

GhostTown is a music aggregating app that's definitely worth a peek—assuming it doesn't violate some part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that the RIAA would inevitably use to destroy it. » 5/26/11 9:40pm 5/26/11 9:40pm

A Supermarket Accidentally Opened When No Employees Were Working

What would you do if you walked into a supermarket with no employees inside? Dump everything into 5 carts and run? Steal all the alcohol you can? Grab store displays? Get a lifetime supply of cereal? Fruit? Or would you pay? » 4/25/11 8:40pm 4/25/11 8:40pm

Updated Android Apps Now Display "Recent Changes"

This is handy for previously-installed Android apps, or for those apps you've glanced at previously but decided not to bother downloading for various reasons. A lot of developers were doing this already, but now that Google has added an actual text box for developers to fill in, hopefully more will take advantage of… » 11/03/10 8:30am 11/03/10 8:30am

This Is What Steve Jobs Means When He Says Android Is F*cked Up

I agree with Steve Jobs when he says that Android is a complete mess when it comes to OS maintenance and developers targeting and testing for different models. These are the charts he was talking about. » 10/19/10 10:40am 10/19/10 10:40am

Older Versions of Android Are Receiving Updates for Froyo-Style Market

Over the weekend, older versions of Android started receiving automatic updates for Market, bringing it into line with the Froyo look and feel of it. If you haven't already, fire up the Market and take a look, as chances are you haven't spotted it yet. (There was no alert to this update due to its automatic nature).… » 10/11/10 4:30am 10/11/10 4:30am

Many More Countries Can Buy Paid-For Android Apps Now

A bunch of new countries have been handed the responsibility of buying and selling Android apps today, with Google switching on support for selling paid apps in 20 more countries, and 18 more countries can buy those apps. » 10/01/10 5:45am 10/01/10 5:45am

Soon You Can Pay For Android Apps With PayPal

PayPal is reportedly in talks with Google to add PayPal as a payment method to Android Market. I guess they're hoping to make paying for apps as easy as possible so that Android users might start paying for apps. » 8/14/10 10:30am 8/14/10 10:30am

Google Returns Personal Data-Collecting Wallpaper App to Android Market

After security company Lookout revealed 1 million people's personal details were at risk after downloading an Android wallpaper app, Google has done its own investigation and decided Jackeey Wallpaper wasn't actually causing any harm to users. » 8/05/10 7:42am 8/05/10 7:42am

Android App Tells You If Your Fruit Loops Are Safe To Eat

Kellog's [sic] Recalled Products is a new Android app. It lets you scan the barcodes on Kellogg's items, with the results compared against a recalled products database—so you know what's edible and what may contain traces of glass/metal/human skin. » 6/30/10 4:40pm 6/30/10 4:40pm

How Google's Failing the Android App Market

DVD Jon, the reverse engineer who decrypted DVDs for the masses and liberated iTunes with DoubleTwist, is worried about the Android Market. There's too much junk, he says, and Google needs to follow Apple's lead to clean it up. » 6/29/10 2:40pm 6/29/10 2:40pm

Android Market Is Acting Up, Showing No Apps

Of all the days, Android Market had to choose today to get a little wonky. Some Android users are seeing no apps in Android Market (there's supposed to be 65,000), so it's either a bug or someone's math is terribly off. Either way, most people should be fine but if it's affecting you, you're not alone! We expect it to… » 6/23/10 5:02pm 6/23/10 5:02pm