Watch Mars Curiosity's clever wheels and suspension system in action

In case there was any doubt, the engineers at JPL did an amazing job: Just look at how the the Mars Curiosity Rover deals with the red planet's bumpy terrain in this time-lapse GIF, taken from the Left Navcam pointed down at the wheels in motion. » 1/03/14 5:01am 1/03/14 5:01am

The Mars Curiosity rover is having problems, halts operations

After getting out of a recent reboot into safe-mode status caused by some anomaly, the Mars Curiosity rover has halted operations for a few days after a new problem has been discovered: a soft short.* NASA engineers are running tests now. » 11/20/13 1:49pm 11/20/13 1:49pm

Lego Will Make a Mars Curiosity Rover Set

Rejoice fellow space and brick nutters, because Lego is going to release an official Mars Curiosity set! The original model was designed by Stephen Pakbaz, an actual NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's mechanical engineer who worked in the mission. Pakbaz entered his creation in Lego Cuusoo, a web site that allows fans to … » 6/15/13 9:55pm 6/15/13 9:55pm

You Can Listen to the Same Songs Mars Curiosity Wakes Up To

Every morning, when Mars Curiosity opens her amazing eyes, mission control plays a motivating, inspiring song to start the new sol, or martian day. Each track is delightful, and even though you're not a part of the ground team, they're wonderful ways to kickstart yourself out of bed. Here's the full list from the JPL,… » 8/28/12 12:15pm 8/28/12 12:15pm

Mars Curiosity Is Your Excuse for Anything Today

You overslept, burnt your breakfast, spilt coffee down your shirt, and stumbled into work looking a wreck—a bit like every other Monday morning, just ten times worse. But that's OK, because you have an excuse: last night, you were watching history being made. » 8/06/12 4:28am 8/06/12 4:28am