10 Extreme Cameras for Taking Impossible Shots

Modern consumer cameras can manage almost anything you throw at them, but sometimes even the swankest DSLR just won't do. In photography, when the conditions get crazy, the cameras get crazier. » 8/17/09 4:00pm 8/17/09 4:00pm

At Giz Gallery: Mars In 3D On Our Giant TV

We just put up some 3D images taken by the Phoenix Mars Lander on our 103-inch plasma, handed out some old school anaglyph glasses, queued up "Life On Mars?" and took a look for ourselves. » 12/06/08 7:25pm 12/06/08 7:25pm

NASA's Next Mars Mission Gets Delayed Until 2011

Looks like Mars Phoenix (or Mars Phoenix's ghost) will have to wait another two years for a new companion—the Mars Science Laboratory, originally planned for a launch next year, has been delayed until 2011. » 12/05/08 9:30am 12/05/08 9:30am

30 Mars Phoenix Discoveries NASA Will Never Show the World

For this week's Photoshop contest, I asked you guys to show us what the Mars Phoenix » 11/18/08 3:30pm 11/18/08 3:30pm discovered that government didn't want us to know about. Well, apparently Mars is a popular destination for politicians, terrorists, Bigfoot and assorted other bizarre life forms. If most of this stuff did exist on Mars, the Men in…

Reveal the Mars Phoenix's Classified Discoveries With Photoshop

The Mars Phoenix said goodbye last week » 11/13/08 1:30pm 11/13/08 1:30pm. It's very sad, like the end of Wall-E. Publicly, the Mars Phoenix was sent to study the planet's water history and whether it could have ever supported life. But we've all seen enough sci-fi movies involving the government to know that there's probably more to it than that,…

Mars Phoenix Losing an Arm, Going On Life Support

We knew this day would come » 10/29/08 7:10am 10/29/08 7:10am, but who knew it would be so soon? The Mars Phoenix, as planned, is shutting down major systems to offset its diminished solar power collection during the Martian winter. The little robot, which - nay, — has been making on the Red Planet for nearly six months is not expected to wake up…

NASA Moving Forward With Its Mars Nuclear Destroyer Lasertank

Following weeks of doubts » 10/17/08 6:03am 10/17/08 6:03am about the future of the , the one-ton, nuclear powered, laser-shooting next generation of the , Lockheed Martin has shipped the vital "backshell" for the landing module, confirming that building is still under way. They also produced a video detailing the amazing landing procedure for the…

Phoenix Lander Watches Snow Falling on Mars

As the clock continues to tick for brave Phoenix so far away on Mars, the discoveries keep on rolling: this time, that snow falls on Mars. A laser instrument called for pulsing the atmosphere and observing what gets bounced back detected Martian flurries at altitudes of 4km in the clouds. The snow is vaporizing before… » 9/30/08 9:50am 9/30/08 9:50am

Mars Phoenix Will Bravely and Passionately Twitter Until the Final Beat…

The Mars Phoenix Lander has been Twittering away » 9/08/08 6:00pm 9/08/08 6:00pm its mission details since landing on Mars in May. But lately, you can see a sense of impending doom starting to creep in, slowly: "It's noon, Sol 81. I've spotted frost around my landing site in AM," tweeted Phoenix a few weeks ago. "Seasons are longer here...I'll be…

Confirmed: Phoenix Finds Ice on Mars

The Mars Phoenix just issued a highly official twitter update saying that some white, shiny stuff it was staring at has sublimated. In other words, it's definitely ice. The previous discovery of probable ice sent thousands of scientists and NASA fans into violent discovery-gasms, but until the Phoenix team was to… » 6/19/08 9:30pm 6/19/08 9:30pm

Phoenix to NASA: "Houston, We Have a Prob*static*"

Just two days after touchdown, NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is having problems with their UHF radio, which was used more than a hundred times before but now is refusing to work. Without it, you can't give orders to the spacecraft, but don't fret: fortunately they can use the orbiter Odyssey… » 5/28/08 5:00am 5/28/08 5:00am