Who Needs Campfires When Machines Can Perfectly Toast Marshmallows?

With a few modifications made to their egg decorating machine—including the addition of a compact oxy-fuel torch—the folks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories were able to create what could possibly be the world's first automatic marshmallow toaster. » 4/02/14 8:38am 4/02/14 8:38am

A Face-Tracking Marshmallow Cannon Aims Straight For Your Mouth

Normally, you wouldn't want to have a cannon aimed at your face, much less a cannon that can see your face and follow it around. But a team of mechanical and electrical engineering students at Olin College decided to challenge that notion with their marshmallow-firing Confectionary Cannon. It's worth getting in this… » 1/13/14 11:00am 1/13/14 11:00am

Instagram-Printed Marshmallows: Equal Parts Delicious and Adorable

There are countless online services that will turn your Instagram photos into everything from business cards, to flipbooks, to coffee mugs. But Boomf has taken a wholly original approach to making hard copies of your digital photos—except they're not hard at all. The website will print your shots onto gourmet… » 11/25/13 1:22pm 11/25/13 1:22pm

Enjoy Marshmallow Superiority With This Air-Compressed Bazooka

It might not bring a complete end to your office warfare, but like with nuclear weapons, this marshmallow-blasting Mazooka should bring an uneasy truce for fear of it actually being used. Six AA batteries power a built-in air compressor that generates enough pressure to fire a large marshmallow up to 40 feet—making… » 4/15/13 1:00pm 4/15/13 1:00pm

Booze-Infused Marshmallows Are the Logical Way to Improve Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with marshmallows is perfect. But it has potential to be more perfect. How? With boozy marshmallows, of course. » 12/10/12 5:00pm 12/10/12 5:00pm

Winter Sucks Less With Marshmallow Snowmen Chillin' In Your Cocoa

For the longest time Just Born, the maker of Peeps, has been on the forefront of novelty seasonal marshmallow technology. But the company's monopoly ends now, here, with a mug-friendly Frosty marshmallow. » 11/09/12 7:00pm 11/09/12 7:00pm

Super S'Mores Made with Krispy Kreme Donuts Look Explosively S'morgasmic

Bonfires are overrated. It's cold and windy, there's sand everywhere, there's never any booze left, you smell like a burnt french outdoorsman and there's a creepy geetar player with questionable facial hair trying to steal your girlfriend. The only thing that keeps bonfires from devolving into the ninth circle of… » 4/12/12 6:40pm 4/12/12 6:40pm

Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallows: A Childhood Dream Come True

As a young Ghostbusters fan, I found the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man creepy yet oddly appealing—I really wanted to take a bite out of him. Now thanks to ThinkGeek's Stay Puft Caffeinated—yes, caffeinated—Marshmallows, my dream has come true. » 8/26/10 9:20pm 8/26/10 9:20pm

Gallery: Toys That Will Make Your Children Fat

Eating buckets of Yummy Dough will definitely turn your preciouses into plumpers, but it's not the only thing at Toy Fair that'll make your kids fat. » 2/16/09 7:20pm 2/16/09 7:20pm

Bow and Mallow Transforms You Into a Sticky Ted Nugent

Whether you're walking through a dark city alley or stalking prey in wilder terrain, Nuge knows you should always be armed, preferably with a bow. That's where this crossbow-ish marshmallow shooter comes in. Just pop a load of Stay Pufts into the Bow and Mallow's magazine, draw back the bowstring and let fly the… » 4/10/08 7:00pm 4/10/08 7:00pm

Power User - The Best of Lifehacker

This week at Lifehacker: Mod your Xbox in ten minutes. Buff out scratches on the back of your iPod. Prepare for disaster with an encrypted thumb drive. Find wifi in the sky next flight you book. Kid-proof electrical outlets with clear duct tape. Finally, build a marshmallow gun for some fun with your co-workers kids.
» 10/05/05 1:52pm 10/05/05 1:52pm