Jetpack Inventor Answers the Hard Questions (and One Fun One)

There's more than a little skepticism surrounding the new Martin Jetpack. Promising a new era of ultralight flight, many of the claims (altitude capabilities and safety, especially) sound too good to be true. Before we took our test flight, we asked Glenn Martin, inventor, some of the tougher questions that we hadn't… » 8/05/08 3:45pm 8/05/08 3:45pm

Hands On: Jetpack!

"Don't cover your ears, this is what you paid to see!" Glenn Martin shouts to me over the apocalyptic roar of an F22 fighter jet performing a leisurely flyby. He'd abruptly broken off a conversation with someone else just to make this point-before we'd even been introduced and hours before I flew his pack. "That's 3.15… » 8/05/08 11:30am 8/05/08 11:30am

Martin's "History of Flight" Guitar Costs $150,000, Ranks Among World's…

As the owner of a Martin guitar (one that cost substantially less than $150,000), I know this one-of-a-kind piece here probably has beautiful tone and resonance, made as it is from the finest Adirondack spruce and Brazilian rosewood. But we seriously have to talk about this "History of Flight" theme...
» 7/25/07 8:30pm 7/25/07 8:30pm