Let Your Child Relax With a Martini Glass Rattle After a Tough Playdate

If you need a little something in the evening to take the edge off of a hectic day at work, just stop and imagine what your toddler has to go through. Constant diaper changes, being force fed pureed crap at every meal, and pre-arranged playdates with whiny, crying kids they can't escape. If a martini helps you relax,… » 8/20/13 10:40am 8/20/13 10:40am

DIY Iron Man Arc Reactor Doesn't Run on Martinis

No wonder Tony Stark managed to do an arc reactor in a desert cave. According to this tutorial, you really only need some LEDs, a 9-volt battery, plywood, 22 AWG gauge copper wire, assorted resistors, and a substance called polymorph—which can be made into any shape—to create your very own virtually-unlimited power… » 5/30/08 4:30pm 5/30/08 4:30pm