MartinLogan Mikros 70 Review: Fancy Speaker Sound Shrunken Down to a Pair of Dots

MartinLogan is famous for some of the most absurdly expensive sound gear that normal humans would never ever consider buying. Like a lot of legacy audio companies, ML is now trying its hand at personal sound, starting with these lovely little buds. They're impressive, but they're designed disposable. »1/22/13 2:00pm1/22/13 2:00pm


MartinLogan's New Headphones Look Like a Thousand Bucks But Don't Cost It

MartinLogan: Because somewhere out there an audio obsessed nut needs $25,000, five-foot-tall electrostatic speakers. Or at least that was the case until recently. With the new Mikros 90 on-ear headphones, the legendary brand now makes two products that don't cost thousands of dollars. That's cause for celebration, and… »10/24/12 3:20pm10/24/12 3:20pm

Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL: Insane Audiophile-Worthy Electrostatic Speakers for Under $2000

"Affordable" for futuretastic electrostatic speakers means a few grand. Martin Logan's ElectroMotion ESL electrostratic speakers'll be under $2000 when they're out in March, using the cheapest full-size electrostatic transducer ever. They sounded superclean during a five-minute demo. [Martin Logan] »9/23/10 2:59pm9/23/10 2:59pm

MartinLogan Spire Speakers— $8,500 of Electrostatic Sound

These new electrostatic speakers from MartinLogan have some fancy-sounding tech built in, and are hand built too. There's the ultra-rigid "AirFrame™" Curvilinear Line Source XStat audio transducer, and a selectable 35Hz equalization option— to better suit your room acoustics. The cabinets come in a variety of woods… »4/04/08 5:57am4/04/08 5:57am

Configure Your Own High-End MartinLogan Speakers, Then Digitally Fondle Them

We've been pretty tough on audiophiles lately with our harping on ripoff speaker cables, but there are some areas where spending more money on audio components can actually make an audible difference. Case in point are MartinLogan electrostatic speakers, decidedly high-end at a cool $11K a pair and up. Just released… »10/03/07 3:15pm10/03/07 3:15pm

Martin Logan Descent i Subwoofer: Volume Literally Goes to 11

Let's put aside this sub's ability to rumble your guts with 2100-watts of peak, or 750-watts of continuous power. What really has the Giz going is the power knob that goes one through eleven. We don't need to hear it in person, nor do we care that it won't *really* give us an extra 10 percent of juice to fly with. We… »11/01/06 11:48am11/01/06 11:48am