Brian Michael Bendis on the Evolution of Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales

Ever since Miles Morales took the role of Spider-Man over from Peter Parker, he’s had to fight his supervillain uncle, he’s seen his entire universe get destroyed, and he’s become one of the most prominent heroes in Marvel’s push for diversity. But now that he’s joined the main Marvel universe in his new series,…

Did You Forget What Marvel's Secret Wars Was About? Let Us Remind You!

Marvel finally did it. Eight months after it began, Secret Wars came to a close today, after nine issues of reality-bending madness. No idea what the fuss is? Want to get in on the event that brought us an All-New Marvel universe, juuuust as it’s ending? What the hell happened to the Fantastic Four? Here’s our guide.

Behold, The First Look At Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange (UPDATED)

By the hoary hosts of hoggoth, it’s the Sorcerer Supreme! We’ve had set pictures, and teasing glimpses through concept art, but this is it: our first official look at how Benedict Cumberbatch will appear as the master of all things mystical in the Marvel universe. That beard. That cloak. That magic! Oh my.

Extraordinary X-Men Throws Another Wrench Into The Cyclops Mystery

Scott Summers has not been in Marvel’s new X-Men books. Okay, well, his time-displaced teen self has, but that’s a long story for another time. But while Cyclops has been absent, he’s had a very strong presence in the X-Men’s current adventure—for very bad reasons. And his latest moment is no exception.

The Long, Complicated Relationship Between Star Wars and Marvel Comics

The release of Star Wars in 1977 was an absolute gamechanger, on so many levels—from effects, to toys, and to how expanded universes were created in general. But Star Wars was also of vital importance to an unexpected ally in Marvel Comics. Without the galaxy far, far, away, they might have vanished for good.

12 Things We Loved About Jessica Jones (And 4 We Didn't)

This weekend, the world met the whiskey-drinking, super-powered Hell’s Kitchen detective known as Jessica Jones. She’s the star of the second Netflix Marvel superhero show, leading into the team-up series The Defenders, and many people spent their weekends on the couch, devouring all 13 episodes.

Agents of SHIELD Is at the Top of its Game, and That's Amazing to Watch

One thing that keeps occurring to me while watching Agents of SHIELD lately: This show is pretty much 100 percent serialized now, with huge elements of soap opera as well as ongoing plot strands. There’s zero “monster of the week” stuff. That’s been true for a long time, but lately the show is doing this incredibly…

The Vision Is One Of The Most Unsettling Comics I've Read This Year

Okay. So Halloween might be behind us, and I can’t quite believe I’m saying this about a Marvel comic—especially one starring the Avenging Android that was one of the most charming parts of Age of Ultron. But the first issue of The Vision is a strangely chilling, page-turner of a comic. And it is fantastic.