Marware's Game Grip Will Aesthetically Ruin Your iPhone

Gaming on the iPhone and iPod touch could be great with the addition of a gamepad handle: the promise of the iControlPad » 11/01/08 9:00pm 11/01/08 9:00pm comes to mind. But the iPhone platform doesn't deserve two giant foam handles that do nothing but ruin the sleek lines of the device, providing no buttons, no extra battery life, and no added…

Marware Sportsuit Sensor+: No Need for Nikes

If you're looking to use that Nike + iPod Sport Kit on your daily runs but don't feel like springing for a pair of $100 Nikes, you can still just get the sport kit for $29 and the Marware Sportsuit Sensor+, a $10 pouch made of neoprene and rubber into which you insert the Nike+ iPod wireless sensor. The Velcro closure… » 8/16/06 3:23pm 8/16/06 3:23pm