This Is the New Android Jelly Bean Mascot—Just Installed at Google's Headquarters

Check this out, it's Android Jelly Bean mascot! Google just installed it in their Mountain View campus, right next to Ice Cream Sandwich. Clearly, the new version of the world's most popular cellphone operating system will be announced tomorrow at Google I/O. And, since it's getting its own mascot, it's not going to… » 6/26/12 5:30pm 6/26/12 5:30pm

Dzyplastic Creates Weird Sexy Goth Lady Android Toy

Like Android but don't find the existing robot mascot character edgy enough? That'll soon be fixed by toy maker Dzyplastic, which is teasing its new-for-2011 collection of Android figures. The pink one is called Rupture and it looks like she's had a heavy night out and lost an eye when she got Tasered by a cop—the… » 2/09/11 3:40am 2/09/11 3:40am