Bitmap Balaclava: The Perfect Disguise For Bank Robbers

In the past week we've seen robberies with giant sticks, muskets and crossbows, but thanks to CCTV their identities were easily-discovered. Here's how to use Photoshop and a hacked knitting machine to create a bitmap balaclava. [Craft] » 12/31/10 2:00pm 12/31/10 2:00pm

White Guy Becomes Black Bank Robber With Super Realistic Hollywood Mask

Last spring, a white Polish immigrant robbed several Ohio banks wearing a hyper-realistic Hollywood mask. To security cameras and witnesses, he looked like an undisguised black man. Which is why an innocent black guy was arrested for the crimes. » 12/10/10 9:40am 12/10/10 9:40am

Pore-Tightening Mask Allows Couples to Fight Crime Together

These Japanese masks don't only tighten and make your pores microscopic, they also turn it into a très » 11/17/08 9:27pm 11/17/08 9:27pm romantic activity with your partner. Creepily reminscent of Jason in , they provide ample anonymity for psychotic, law-breaking fun as well. Instead of running around with a chainsaw though, robbing a bank might just…

Buy Your Own Face for $299, Or Someone Else's...

Your face has worked out so far, but in the age of exploding laptop batteries and botched nose jobs, we can all use a spare. ThatsMyFace is a service that will create anything from a life-sized mask ($200) to a full 3D sculpture of your head ($2,000) with just two 2D images from you.The service appears to first 3Dize… » 11/12/08 3:20pm 11/12/08 3:20pm

DIY Sleeping Mask Puts You In Control of Your Dreams

There's a Lucid Dream Machine sleeping mask on Instructables that pulses LEDs in your eyelids four hours after you fall asleep, waking you up just enough to notice your dreams and control their outcomes. The mask requires a fair bit of soldering and programming experience, so it isn't for DIY luddites like me. Which is … » 6/20/08 7:50pm 6/20/08 7:50pm

Thanko USB-Powered Air Purifier Mask Filters Allergens, Dignity

Yes, Thanko makes weird stuff, we know. But a USB-powered air purifier mask? What kind of market are they shooting for with this? Sure, the silicon mask may purify air of allergens, but at what cost? I don't know, is mask wearing a thing over there? Just look at the girl's reaction in the third panel—terrifying! I'd… » 2/16/07 10:10am 2/16/07 10:10am