Astone Sit N Joy Inflatable Massage Chair Does What It Says

How do I love thee, Astone Sit N Joy inflatable massage chair? Let me count the ways. Cup holder. Dock for iPod. Remote control. Works on the beach, grass, home, prison (probably). Great name (ass-tone, heh). Wipes down for easy maintenance. Wonderful lay-dee-filled gallery (see below.) Just 122 buckeroonies. [AxPertZ »12/03/07 8:37am12/03/07 8:37am

Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite Sleep System Lets You Do Everything But

Am I the only person who believes that beds are for sleeping in? (Please disregard the fact that I am writing this from my boudoir, but I have a hangover.) Hollandia, a company that specializes in top-end schlaffen-sites, has come up with the multi-media bed to end all beds. As well as a Sony Bravia home entertainment… »11/29/07 7:19am11/29/07 7:19am

Erotic Car Seat Seduction Massager Helps You Arrive at Work Totally Refreshed

Ladies, are you getting bored on your way to work? Commute in various stages of ecstasy with this Erotic Car Seat Seduction Massager, letting four areas of your posterior know in no uncertain terms that there's a whole lot of shakin' going on. Plug it into your car's cigarette lighter, and as you manipulate its… »11/01/07 10:28am11/01/07 10:28am